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Church of God World Missions joins in with those around the world who believe the Great Commission can be finished in this generation. Out of this belief has come a strategy to reach 10 major cities around the world with the people and resources God gives.




We are committed to: FOCUS on the Light; INVADE the Darkness; NAVIGATE the Needs; INTERCEDE for Souls; SEND the Light; and HEAL the Nations.

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Manila, Philippines

Church of God World Missions has chosen the city of Manila as one of the Send the Light to the Cities effort. Send the Light to the Cities is a strategy focusing on major cities around the world with the people and resources God gives so they serve as lighthouse cities. Metro Manila is one go the mist densely populated cities on earth. Approximately 12.88 million people live there. The plan is to evangelize, plant birthing churches, provide an evangelism and training center in each one of them and stay alongside them. Your donation will meet specific needs for Manila to be a lighthouse city. There are people ready to give themselves to making Manila a city of light. The Lighthouse project has already begun under the direction of AJ Velasco who began a church in the city of Manila in 2014 that is already running over 200. Housed in the Marriott Hotel, a church is poised to be the training center for Metro Manila, which will train leaders and students for reaching the masses in the Philippines. Needing 10 churches who will give 1,000 dollars each. 

Bread of Life Orphanage

The Bread of Life orphanage in Brosteni, Romania is a ministry to children in need, as well as for people in need through the ministry of feeding centers. There are always needs for this ministry to keep the mission going. Monthly Contributions help them continue their mission. 

The Gift of Education for Only $13
For some of us, the cost of school supplies was no more of a worry or thought than going out to eat on a regular basis. For others, the cost was a struggle and a sacrifice to ensure that our children had the things they needed as they began a new year of education. I speak mainly of supplies outside of clothes and shoes, but let’s consider those as well. If your child attends a school with uniforms, those school “supplies” can add up quickly. School supplies, of all varieties, can cost us anywhere from a moderate sum to a large chunk of money.

In Romania, however, that is exactly how things work. Children who do not have the needed supplies for school are not allowed to attend school. Think about that for a moment. Say, for instance, my family (or yours, to help you gain perspective) fell on hard times, and money for food was all that was available. My elementary student got to escape daily to the world of learning and friends; continuing to be an innocent child. But wait, I couldn’t afford to purchase her crayons, pencils, scissors, glue and the like. So she was denied entrance to her classroom and sent home. That whole scenario breaks my heart.

Our plea for you this month is that you consider giving to further the gift of education. Bread of Life has been blessed to partner with an office supply company in Romania that has agreed to provide a book bag, filled with the needed school supplies, for $13.

Mission Report 
In the Northeast corner of Romania there is a beautiful small village named Plopoasa. This village with one road in and out, not unlike many other villages, is surrounded by rustic farmlands and scenic landscapes. As the bleating of sheep echoes on the surrounding hillside, gravel roads and horse-drawn wagons are commonplace. There is no gas station here, or grocery store, or school, or cemetery, and until recently not even a church; but now the faces of children line up almost daily outside a remodeled store building for church service.

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Raeghan Bryant - Church of God World Missions # 065-0959

A new missionary to Romania. Please help her on her journey to impact the people of Romania as she works at the Bread of Life Orphanage.

The orphanage in Poza Rica, Mexico, has been in existence since 1991, when a pastor and his wife saw children living under a bridge in the town. They befriended  them, took them in, and today a ministry exist to provide a safe place for children who have been abandoned, neglected, and abused. The orphanage operates by faith and depends on God to make provision for each of their many needs. They have seen God's hand of faithfulness and continue to walk by faith. About 60 children are being cared for daily. They have a sponsorship program through which children can be sponsored  at a monthly gift of 60 dollars. There are also urgent needs, one of which is presently the building of a new dormitory for the boys and young men living there. 

Gideons 300

It is exciting too see what God is doing in the Romanian community! Indeed, God is moving! The harvest is ripe! Churches need to be planted in so many Romanian communities in the United States where there is no pentecostal church. Pastors need resources to help them build their churches. Young leaders need to be raised up as we attempt to bridge the gap between the first, second and third generations. The work is great! the challenge is significant. It's time to invest in fertile soil. 

Gideon found 300 who were willing and able. We too are looking for 300 partners to join us in this vision for the Church of God Romanian Territory. First of all, we need commitment in prayer. Pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers, church planters, who will help us! Secondly, we need financial resources - 300 partners who will commit to giving $30 dollars per month, one dollar a day, $365 dollars per year to help fulfill the vision God has planted in our hearts. 

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Romanian Missions Agencies

Genesis Mission

The GENESIS Missions exists to glorify God, contributing substantially to the expansion of His kingdom through the way of evangelizing the lost in sin. A mission by which God can accomplish his plans.We can not talk about the Mission without revealing the primordial factor that the church has in this area. To do mission, the church must have people sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

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a nonprofit organization that has been established by brother Cameron Wilson in 1992. In 2011 brother Cameron handed over the leadership of the DYM to a group of Romanian pastors from United States and Canada. Also in the DYM board is brother Ghita Ritisan, the president of Agentia Penticostala de Misiune Externa (APME).

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